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Summer Mocktails South Africa: 3x Alcohol-Free Recipes for Gin & Tonic Lovers

Summer Mocktails South Africa: 3x Alcohol-Free Recipes for Gin & Tonic Lovers

Discover fun non-alcoholic drinks this Summer

Get creative with The Duchess Drinks 

Whether you find yourself at the beach, at a braai, or on a safari, there is no denying that an ice-cold G&T is the ultimate refresher for a scorching summer’s day in South Africa. The Duchess Drinks gives you the option to go alcohol-free with a curated collection of sparkling alcohol-free cocktail recipes made with our award-winning gin and tonic beverage.

Below, discover our Top 3 refreshing summer drinks for 2023.  

Spiced Pineapple G&T with Secco Infusions

Craving a tropical taste to set the tone of your summer holidays? The Duchess Spiced Pineapple G&T is everything you need and more. This fun, non-alcoholic drink comes to life with The Duchess Botanical and Secco’s brand-new infusion of Pineapple and Cassia Bark. 

With hints of earthy cinnamon and pimento, Secco’s Pineapple infusion pairs perfectly with the aromatic botanicals and orange peel from The Duchess Botanical.

duchess botanical alcohol-free gin and tonic

Above: The Duchess Botanical served with Secco’s Pineapple Infusion | Photo Credit: Daniela Canny

Here’s how you can recreate it at home:

  • Select your favourite glass (we love serving our Spiced Pineapple G&T in a dainty tumbler for this occasion)
  • Top up your glass with a generous amount of ice
  • Tilt your glass and gently pour your chilled Duchess Botanical to avoid foaming
  • Empty a sachet of Secco infusion into your glass, give it a stir and raise your glass for one of the most refreshing summer drinks for 2023

Cucumber Smash G&T

Here’s a Summer Mocktail that will leave you feeling bushy-eyed and bright-tailed with subtle flavors of cucumber, lemon, and mint - the best ingredients for revitalizing your body and mind. Our Cucumber Smash G&T pairs best with The Duchess Botanical with notes of orange peel and juniper.

duchess botanical alcohol-free cocktail

Here’s what you will need:

  • The Duchess Floral, cucumber, lemon (optional) and fresh mint leaves
  • Find the glass that matches your mood
  • Top up your glass with a dollop of ice
  • Slice your cucumber and lemon, and add them to the mix
  • Tilt your glass and gently pour your chilled Duchess Botanical to avoid foaming
  • Spank your mint leaves to release the flavor and pop it into your glass for finishing touches
  • Stir, sip and voila!

Cinnamon Crisp G&T

Best served on a warm summer’s evening, our refreshing Cinnamon Zest mocktail is the perfect celebratory drink for the upcoming Festive Season and goes surprisingly well with a Fruit Mince Pie on the side ;) 

With The Duchess Botanical G&T as your base for this Summer mocktail, all you need to do is add the Christmas ‘spice’ to curate your own Cinnamon Zest Mocktail. 

Here’s our recipe for making Gin & Tonics, more festive:

  • The Duchess Botanical, cloves, 1 orange, cinnamon stick
  • Select your serving glass of choice
  • Top up your glass with ice
  • Slice your orange into half-moon shapes
  • Fill your glass with an ice-cold Duchess Botanical
  • Decorate your mocktail with orange slices
  • Sprinkle your drink with cloves
  • Add a cinnamon stick & orange zest to the mix & stir
  • Sip and enjoy!

Need to get your hands on The Duchess? Find The Duchess in-store at Spar, Checkers, and Pick n Pay stores nationwide. 

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