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The Gift of Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drinks

The Gift of Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drinks

5 Tips on avoiding over-indulgence this Christmas with The Duchess Alcohol-Free Gin and Tonic

How to enjoy a wholesome, healthy festive season

The festive season is a time of abundance and a time to let your hair down. But enjoying the festivities while maintaining healthy habits can be a tricky balance. The Duchess Drinks offers consumers the perfect alcohol alternatives with two delicious alcohol-free gin and tonics - The Duchess Botanical and The Duchess Floral. Made with a beautiful bouquet of natural botanicals, floral extracts, and juniper berries, these low sugar, low calorie drinks are your ticket to enjoying a wholesome, healthy festive season.

Below, The Duchess Drinks brings you 5 ways to beat the negative effects of over-indulgence without compromising on any of the fun.

1. Mix it up

No one said you had to give up alcohol entirely. Limiting your intake can reduce your hangover and do wonders for your daily calorie intake. On average, a 175ml serving of wine contains 158 calories, whereas a 300ml Duchess contains only 58 calories! By switching out every second drink with an alcohol alternative such as The Duchess, you can avoid the excess calories and still sip on a delicious drink. 

Mixing up your celebration with some alcohol-free beverages will naturally reduce your alcohol intake, keep you hydrated, and leave you feeling refreshed and ready for a day of activities.

Serving suggestion: Give your Duchess cocktail the attention she deserves! Serve it in your favourite glass with ice and garnish it with a slice of ruby grapefruit or lemon and a sprig of rosemary or mint.

2. Snack & Sip

Alcohol is often associated with an increased appetite and it has been proven that consuming one or two drinks before a meal can make you feel hungrier. With The Duchess’s zero-alcohol content you won’t run the risk of impulsive snacking. However, if you do happen to get a bit peckish, here are some easy calorie-conscious swops to make:

  • Swap potato chips with rice crackers
  • Add some carrot and celery dipping sticks to your platter paired with reduced-fat hummus (as opposed to cream cheese dips and bread sticks)
  • Swop out salami for lean biltong snap sticks
  • Ps. Never forget olives and fresh fruit!

3. Plan Ahead

Planning is half the battle won. Whether going to the beach, visiting friends, or going on a road trip, always remember to pack your preferred alcohol-free drinks! Most people tend to drink alcohol out of habit or for the lack of better options. The Duchess 300ml cans provide you with an on-the-go alternative that is easy to transport, quick to cool, and that crisp G&T taste.

For a December beach day, The Duchess is the perfect addition to your cooler box - it contains 0% alcohol and it comes in a beach-friend aluminum can (remember, no glass allowed on beaches!). You can have as many as you want and still be ready for a swim and the drive home. 

Pair your Duchess with our reusable golden straw, grapefruit rind, and a sprig of rosemary to create the ultimate on-the-go Christmas mocktail. 

4. Make it Fun, Make it an Occasion

Celebrate Christmas and the new year with mindfulness and clarity as you keep it classy with our non-alcoholic gin and tonics. An excellent choice for pre-drinks, food pairing, and the after-party, The Duchess offers that authentic G&T taste without the dreaded hangover. 

Try our Christmas Spice Mocktail at home:

What you will need:

  • The Duchess Botanical, cardamom pods, 1 red apple, cinnamon stick
  • Select your serving glass of choice
  • Top up your glass with ice
  • Slice your apple into half-moon shapes
  • Fill your glass with an ice-cold Duchess Botanical
  • Decorate your mocktail with apple slices
  • Sprinkle your drink with cardamom pods
  • Add a cinnamon stick to the mix & stir
  • Sip and enjoy!

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

The best approach to the holiday season is balance! It’s perfectly fine if you don’t reach your daily step goal, sleep in a bit or have that slice of cake (or even a glass of champagne!). 

Balance it out with a short workout, go alcohol-free for a day, or plan your meals for the upcoming days. The festive season is meant to be enjoyed and The Duchess makes it possible to do it mindfully and with a refreshed mind.

Reap the rewards of a healthy holiday season

Whether you are committed to a zero-alcohol lifestyle, want an alcohol alternative to slow down your night, or need a beach-friendly drink for summer, The Duchess is the perfect non-alcoholic Christmas drink.

For more recipe ideas, visit our Journal

Enjoy the gift of non-alcoholic drinks this Festive season, buy yours today at All orders receive FREE delivery nationwide. 

Find the Duchess in-store at Spar, Checkers, and Pick n Pay stores nationwide. 

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